A time of great difficulty

A message to our patrons,

On April 16, 2016 a major earthquake occurred in our previous home country of Ecuador. The earthquake was rated at magnitude 7.8, severely affecting poor but highly populated areas. Highways and hospitals collapsed in the earthquake, making access and rescue missions to the affected areas more difficult. Three days after the earthquake the toll has risen to 413 confirmed dead and thousands more remain homeless, injured, or still missing. In comparison, Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 was considered a magnitude 7.0 and caused millions of dollars in damages. Unlike Japan, which was also hit by a damaging earthquake during the same week and has received a lot of attention on the news, Ecuador is a poor country and is ill-equipped for catastrophes of this kind.

We ask you to help if you can by making a monetary donation to GlobalGiving’s Ecuador Earthquake relief fund. El Sitio Collingswood has no relationship with them, but we believe their previous work in other catastrophes has created a positive impact in the communities they assisted. We believe that from afar, a monetary contribution directly to a non-profit organization that can benefit the Ecuadorian Disaster Recovery is the best way anyone can help.

These are sad times for us. God bless Ecuador, and God bless America for your giving hearts.

Thank you,

The Cabrera Family